…yes it goes on and on my friend. Some people, started singin’ it not knowing what it was, and they’ll continue singin’ it forever just because…”

Hi there everyone! It has been 3 months since the epic trip out to Romania. I miss my classmates a lot, and reminisce on my fond memories.  A few of them still keep in contact. For that, I am grateful.

So you wonder what have I been up to? Since my return, I had to write a report and take an exam to complete the Study Abroad course. Because that was my last class, in August, I officially met all of the requirements for graduation!!! So yay me [Suite Life of Zack and Cody reference there...], I’m done! At least for awhile… I need a break after all of this studying/schooling/homelife/working schedule. Then for labor day weekend, I went to DragonCon – it was a very jam-packed weekend with many, many people in Atlanta. I recommend everybody go at least once in their life.

But saying the happy part that I am done leads me to a sad part. Because I graduated, I will not be able to blog for UAH anymore (the whole “student” status goes away once you complete school). I encourage all of you to keep in contact with me  for any questions, comments, or just to say hi. I will try to submit a guest blog from time to time, and of course, I will be at UAH for commencement, alumni events, and the like. If you would like to contact me, my email address will be as follows:  STW0004@alumni.uah.edu

Thanks for reading, and all the best of luck to you!