When challenged with the task of telling you about my favorite place on campus, I had to pause and consider all the options. There is the table under the shade of the tree by the UC where I have sat and talked for hours with a friend, and there is the courtyard behind Shelby where my husband and I have sat and talked shop on my lunch break.  Then it hit me…COFFEE!!


There are several locations around UAH where you can grab a cup of the divine liquid in your favorite form:  iced, hot, with chocolate or any combination that suits your taste. My favorite place to indulge in that heavenly beverage is at the Starbucks in the library. When I first started attending UAH, I didn’t realize there was a Starbucks in the library! What a wonderful way to combine my favorite things: coffee and books!


The first floor of the library is pretty great for several reasons. From the clean, contemporary furnishings to the amazing fragrance of freshly brewed coffee, to the Art Gallery and the displays of artifacts and findings from other countries, this is a place where you can sit and enjoy a good book, quietly research for a paper or just sip your java and people watch. It’s a great respite from a busy day, and isn’t overly crowded most of the time.


This past week, as I exited my Business Writing class on the second floor, I was struck by a new smell…the aroma of fried food. I followed my nose down the stairs and around the corner to find several people handing out samples of what appeared to be egg rolls and dumplings. I love food (who doesn’t?), and ordinarily, I would have sampled a few bites of what was offered, but I’m currently eating well in an effort to lose some weight and decided against it. Next time I get the chance to try new foods, I will. :)


All this to say that if I have a favorite place on campus (I find it hard to choose ONE) it would be there in the library, on the first floor, where the smell of coffee, the atmosphere of art and learning, and the community of students all come together.


Where is your favorite place on campus?