On Thursday
February, 2nd my friends and I went to the U.S. Space and Rocket
Center to see the Orion Testing Capsule. Orion is the next generation of human
space flight exploration. It’s part of the new rocket (SLS) NASA is creating to
take humans past Earth Orbit. While we were there, not only did we sign our names
on the capsule but we also signed ours names down on history. ;) We also
attended a presentation by three of the engineers currently working on the
project. They showed us videos of their progress and CAD model simulations of
what a SLS launch would be like. We had the chance to speak with one of the
engineers. He was great and answered a lot of our questions. The pictures below
show some of the amazing shots I got that night. If you’re interested in
anything related to space technology, Huntsville, AL is the place to be! We had
so much fun, and I can’t wait to see the final SLS and Orion capsule take off
in 2017! ~Brittani Searcy