As my last semester at UAHuntsville finally rolled in, I spent my first weekend at a SGA Retreat focusing on leadership. Before classes could become overwhelming with doubled responsibilities, we went on the two day SGA Spring Retreat (I know, it was cold and January but it us the Spring semester hence the name “Spring Retreat!”).  This semester we went to Memphis, Tennessee and stayed on the University of Memphis’ campus. We met with their SGA representatives for a discussion on how we run our programs and then we toured their relatively new student center, one that UAHuntsville looked to for inspiration for our own Charger Union building which is still under construction.


The rest of our time was spent on various leadership development exercises, but we did make time to visit the National Civil Rights Museum! For lunch, we even had the chance to eat local BBQ at the famous Central BBQ, which has been featured multiple times on the Travel Channel and which everyone loved! As for just vising the city, it was an official trip with a tight agenda so tourism wasn’t the focus. I did have the opportunity to see downtown Memphis with some friends; Beale Street which the city’s famous for and Main Street, which was my personal favorite.