Written by Austin Johnson


Like some of you, I have grown up in a family that has been highly involved in the military. From the experiences that I have gained through my military upbringing, I quickly realized that being able to pursue a career in the military while also getting a solid education in college was important to me.


Let’s start on what really sold me on attending UAHuntsville. This was due to all of the large amount of resources that the university offered while being such a close knit community. I chose to major in Finance due to my love of investing money and watching stocks. Some of the classes here at UAHuntsville have provided me the opportunity to invest other people’s money in stocks and investments, and I even receive a grade while doing it!


At the beginning of my college search I planned on attending a larger university, but shortly realized that UAHuntsville was my home. Everything from the Greek life, sporting events, religious organizations and the academic major related clubs and activities attracted me to this campus.


As I said before, one of my biggest concerns while searching for a college was being able to pursue a career in the military while being a student. UAHuntsville’s ROTC program has offered me this opportunity! One really cool experience I have had with the ROTC program is using land navigation. Basically, they teach you how to navigate unknown land with a map and a compass. The best part is they place you on a plot of land that you  are not familiar with and say “Go”. It is definitely a really cool hands-on experience that is a necessary skill for an Army Officer! Now you could take me anywhere and I could find my way back to UAHuntsville with only a map and a compass.


A huge part of the ROTC program is leadership. By my junior year in the program I will have the opportunity to lead other cadets in morning physical training, field training exercises, and classroom instructions. With this leadership experience and the knowledge from my Finance classes I will have the necessary resources for a successful brokerage career. I would not have had the amount of opportunities I have been provided at UAHuntsville so far if I would have not chosen to get involved and to live on campus. So, find what you enjoy doing while in college and pursue it!