Written by Melissa Lee


Growing up in the Huntsville area and having both parents who are alumni from the university, I have been very familiar with the campus starting at an early age. With both of my parents being alumni, they definitely had a huge impact on my choice to attend UAH. They both shared their positive experiences of when they were here studying mechanical and electrical engineering. During my senior year of high school, I considered attending UAHuntsville as well as other universities that were not as close to home. I ultimately made my decision to attend this university because of its prestigious engineering program and the many internship opportunities that were entailed since I wanted to pursue a career in mechanical engineering.


I can honestly say that I have not regretted my choice to attend college close to home since!


Being a sophomore here at UAHuntsville, these past two years have opened up many opportunities for me to get hands on experience with my major while building relationships with the teachers and students here. The program has given me the technical knowledge as well as people skills to help me succeed in my field of study. Even in my introductory engineering classes, I have been given opportunities to get hands on experience working in the machine shop on group projects and even giving presentations to my lab group and professors. These past three years as an engineering student has definitely been a challenge but I am really excited that my hard work led me to be nominated for Tau Beta Pi, a prestigious engineering honor society. Just remember that hard work and building good relationships with your professors pays off!