Written by: Adam Neal


My name is AJ and I am currently a sophomore majoring in Accounting and Finance in the College of Business Administration here at UAHuntsville. I wanted to share with you the many reasons why I decided to pursue my higher education at UAHuntsville and am proud to be a Charger! I am known as a triple legacy at the university because my father holds degrees from UAHuntsville as well as my mother and brother. My father’s success in his career has shown me that a good education from a well respected university is crucial in the job market today. I chose my major of Accounting and Finance due to the amazing College of Business that the university offers. Within the business department there are great faculty and staff members that have changed my outlook on the world and my goals.


One of the best things about UAHuntsville is that the professors work very closely with students to help us achieve academic success. A great number of the professors have either worked in their field of study or are currently working in their field and teaching classes. This allows the professors to instruct students with their knowledge of the real world, and gives the students a perspective not often found in textbooks.


Another great part of UAHuntsville is the availability of student job opportunities on campus. These are great for students who want to earn money in college while not sacrificing class time. My personal experience with an on-campus position has been quite an extraordinary one. I work in the Office of Admissions as a Student Ambassador and have built a large network of connections through my position. The skills and connections that I have attained are very valuable, and I would highly recommend working on campus to future students!


Once again my name is AJ and I approve this message. Go Chargers!