“ In fact, it was so successful that we decided to make this event Semi-Annual!”   Those are words every student organization wants to hear.  Now consider that the organization is just barely over a year old.  Successful, fun, it’s got to be business; the Entrepreneurship Club.


They had a Networking Event for the club members, businessmen, CEO’s and fellow entrepreneurs in the community. There were more than 60 people in attendance!  We were ready with our business cards and lists of everyone who was going to be there, both students and professionals. I even looked up the brief background information on everyone who would be there so I could start conversations easily. Our Business Administration Building was transformed by simply rearranging the couches, giving it an open feel.


The background music was playing as everyone walked around with light refreshments trying to read name tags before making an introduction. I spoke with several professionals as well as a professor I had seen in the building but never met. It was great to see how many people had started a business, fairly easily in my opinion! Easy in a way that it is not something for the few; if enough time is put into it. It was great to see so many other students interested in the field!