ePAF - Electronic Personnel Action Forms

  • The electronic Personnel Action Form (ePAF) is designed to process personnel actions for employees electronically using Banner Self Service.
  • The design of the ePAF is based on the current routing of the blue paper-copy ePAF. The ePAF system allows departments to create and route ePAFs electronically.
  • The Originator completes the ePAF and initiates routing through predefined approval/routing queue. Once the form passes through the defined approval queue the data on the ePAF is applied to the Banner database.

Types of ePAF Users:

  • Originators – initiate/create ePAF transaction.
  • Approvers – process ePAF to approve, acknowledge, and return to Originator for corrections.
  • Human Resources – will apply the transaction to the database.


  • Personnel actions are processed in a timely manner which reduces the hiring paperwork process to approximately one day.
  • Electronic approval routing...
  • User friendly environment through Banner Self Service.
  • Reduces redundant and data entry errors.
  • No more Blue paper-copy more blue PAFs.....


Merit Increase - J

Additional information will be posted on our website in the coming weeks. This site will be our official communication method for ePAF information.


Users must complete the ePAF Department Approval Queue (DAQ) – Request for Access and complete the required ePAF Training before gaining access to the ePAF system. If you are interested in receiving ePAF Training, please complete and return the DAQ form to (SKH 102, HR-HRIS) and contact HR for the next scheduled training class.

The following ePAF training material will be available during the ePAF training class:

Training Instructions and Information

  • Originator's Instructions
  • Approver 's Instructions
  • Effective Dates and Deadlines
  • ePAF Process Flowchart
  • Request for Access –ePAF System
  • Sample ePAF – Reappointments & Terminations

We appreciate your continued support for the ePAF implementation!