ChargerNet FAQs

What is ChargerNet?

CharrgerNet is UAH’s secure web portal which allows current students and employees to access campus information, news, and announcements. The focus of ChargerNet is to be an intranet that allows employees and students to access UAH information that is geared specifically to University affiliates. 

How do I login to ChargerNet?

Go to and use your Charger ID and password to access ChargerNet. Your Charger ID is the first part of your official UAH email address. If you do not know your Charger ID or password, visit the OIT User Services Portal to find your Charger ID and/or change your password.

If you require additional assistance, please contact the OIT Help Desk at (256) 824-3333 or email

Why am I getting a message that my account has expired?

If you have not logged into ChargerNet for an extended period of time, your ChargerNet account will become disabled and will need to be reactivated. Please contact the OIT Help Desk at (256) 824-3333 or email to have your account enabled.

What can I access from ChargerNet?

ChargerNet allows you to log in and visit sites like ANGEL and Self Service Banner (SSB) without having to log in separately to each application. Everyone with a login to ChargerNet will be presented with a single Welcome tab. Whether you are an employee or student, all of the links that display will be relevant to your role.

Campus announcements which are for both students and employees will display in the upper left of the window. Up-to-date campus directories by building, department, or person can be downloaded in the middle column. These directories are only available to Faculty and Staff. Personal announcements are based on membership to specific groups or roles and display in the right hand column.

Group information is also available in the Group Studio Activity Channel.

How do I become a member of a group?

Initially, groups will be managed by the ChargerNet Administrator. Contact the administrator by emailing The group(s) that you have been added to will display under My Groups when you click the View All Groups option.

How do I get my groups to display on the Welcome tab?

If groups do not display by default, it is possible to manage the display of groups by clicking the edit icon on the Group Studio Activity Channel box. Under the left column, select the group(s) to display or Select All Groups to automatically display any new groups you may be added to. In the right column, select the applications (News, Photos, Links, Files, or Messages) that will display notifications when something new is added to the application type, or Select All Applications for all types of notifications. Once you have made your selections, click Save Changes. Click Done to go back to the Welcome page. 

How do I display new group content?

In the Group Studio Activity Channel, new content will be identified by a message posted next to the group name. The type of application and number of elements is posted for each application that notifications were selected to display in the edit screen. Any time that you see that new content has been posted, click the link for that particular group and select the application type from the left column. The new content will display on the right.

What is the timeout on a ChargerNet session?

For security reasons, ChargerNet sessions are set to timeout after 15 minutes of inactivity. A warning message is displayed before logging you out, with an option to remain logged in.
If you are using ChargerNet from a public computer, you will want to be sure you log out of ChargerNet and any other applications before leaving the computer.

If I have other questions about ChargerNet, where can I find additional information?

Click on the question mark for HELP in the top right hand corner for a list of ChargerNet Help Topics. For additional assistance, please contact the OIT Help Desk at (256) 824-3333or email

What is the Req’s and PO’s channel?

The Req’s and PO’s channel is a Banner channel that displays any requisitions or purchase orders that need your attention. It is only available to those who have the Employee role assigned. If you never work with these financial documents, then you can remove the group from your display by clicking the ‘X’ in the upper righthand corner of the channel.

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